Thursday, 23 June 2011

Rise of Nightmares: Welcome to The Nightmare Trailer

Welcome to the Nightmare...

Rise of Nightmares. Sega's 360 Kinect Zombie Slasher.

Check out this trailer for Sega's up and coming hand to hand zombie-fest for Xbox 360 connect.

Clockwork clowns and a zombie horde
Lucky for us, just as we hoped, it's pretty much mostly all about the zombie-slaying. As the trailer reveals the game features a murderous madman, a horde of zombies, clockwork clowns, brain worms and copious buckets of blood.

Rise of Nightmares - Scary?
Still not sure if it'll actually be scary, after all, it's on Kinect, but as the trailer suggests, we think Sega's Rise of Nightmares is certainly aimed at a little more mature audience than Kinectimals.


  1. Woah. Kinect finally went and got adult orientated :-S, that looks pretty immense for a kinect game.

  2. Every game is better when zombies are in it.

  3. It's sure to have us falling over our coffee tables.

    Game = good
    Game+Zombies = better.

  4. Oh yeah, even the guys that make one of the games, I can't recall which one, was talking about how zombies make it better. And they do.

    Neat blog you have here. I'll be back again to see what you're up to. Found you over at Lurker's place, I believe.

    Name's Ivy. People call me Whisk. Nice to meet you Mister Zombie.

  5. Thank you Maam. Nice to meet you too. :)