Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Digital Dead - Issue 5 Out Now!

The Digital Dead is the UK's newest digital horror magazine with a difference. Each issue is around 100 pages of pure horror themed around the world of zombies and the undead. With competitions to win some amazing zombie gear and at a low price of only $1.99 this is the magazine to get for every horror fan on the planet. Lots of interviews on the latest films, novels, games, events, festivals and much more!

Issue 5 releases with a bumper issue with some amazing content. The Digital Dead updates you on Deep Silvers game that is Dead Island 2. Also they speak to the legend Laurence Harvey from Human Centipede 3. Interview with Scream Queen Emma Dark and also Women In Horror Tiffany DeMarco. Both Jurassic Dead 2 and Great Bitten 2 novels are reviewed and they look at the leeds horror festival, download and lots more. Plus creepy claw bears a horror product with cuteness…

For the very latest, check out the Digital Dead Facebook Page.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Apocalypse Survival Training: An Audio fitness Adventure App

Everything is better with zombies, apparently even things that don't have zombies in. For example, things that are never meant to have zombies in and don't actually have zombies in. You know... like things with Aliens in.

Apocalypse Survival Training is an audio fitness adventure app and there are no zombies in it... none. However, in a recent interview with The Metro their AST App on Kickstarter (already funded and now just five to go) was called a Zombie Program, and there's no zombies in it and zombie isn't mentioned once, anywhere, except maybe here... and in the Metro.

In the eyes of the mainstream media being chased by a zombie and being chased by an alien are on a par, they're all monsters right, eating your brain or inserting a probe, it's all the same right?

Sean Page of the Ministry of Zombies, renown Zombie Survival Expert and author of The Zombie Survival Apocalypse Owners Manual, has been watching the skies of late. The threat is just as real and he has recently released The Alien Invasion Resistance Manual... coincidence... we think not.

Sean Page of the Ministry of Zombies, latest tome.
With interest piqued we got chatting to Adele Kirby, a self-confessed geek (we like her already) and writer who is completely addicted to exercise and also happens to be the extravagantly energetic founder of Imaginactive, the company behind Apocalypse Survival Training. So despite the fact there really are no zombies in it, at all, we think it's pretty awesome and if you like zombies, the chances are you'll love this.

Ever wonder how a geek keeps themselves motivated to work out, go for a run or keep hitting the gym day after day, year after year? Says Adele "I love imagining being in extraordinary situations which require me to be stronger, faster and braver than I really think I am."

If you're a nerd who hits the gym, you'll relate to this immediately and if you're a nerd who wants to make a change in their fitness, for health or aesthetic reasons, try it. I am unashamed to say that I personally started working out after I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian and I wanted to play a Barbarian character in a Live Roleplaying Game. When my love of zombies grew, Crossfit made perfect sense. Life is more awesome, when you can do more awesome things.

For years friends of Adele's were asking her how they could make exercise more fun as boot camps, group sessions and variety only go so far. How do you make exercise more fun? Apocalypse Survival Training is the answer!

Apocalypse Survival Training is an app delivered radio play with each episode as a workout. The story is centered around a group of London based survivors of an Alien Invasion. You can take part at any level, at home or even better in the great outdoors. It is progressive and each workout cycles between strength circuits, running sessions and holistic training to challenge your focus, resilience, imagination and intuition.

Interactive adventure fitness apps are an awesome way to get you moving and inspire you in a nerdy way when you otherwise might not have the internal motivation to do something active. And if you're already active they can really help you push yourself that extra mile. It'll certainly be fun... kinda like a solo live action immersive adventure in digital stereo!

The Kickstarter is funded so you know it's gonna happen and has just 5 days to run. The App will be available for iPhone and Android phones, so if you wanna find out if you have what it takes go support the Apocalypse Survival Training Kickstarter and keep your tin-foil hat ready!

I'd definitely rather have an interactive audio adventure KICK my ass than let the aliens PROBE it for the sake of 'research.'

The truth is out there... do you have what it takes to survive?

It's the Zombie (or Alien) Apocalypse...  Let's Play

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Gaming at SCARdiff 2014 with Zombie Shop

It all started during a conversation with Wayne Simmons, podcaster, journo and author of the awesome zombie novels Flu and Fever and founder of SCARdiff. In between discussions over what might happen to World War Z the movie (long before we knew about the 'zants'), being in rawk bands and tatoo conventions, we decided it'd be great if we could get people who might not necessarilty be 'gamers' to try their hand at the best of what zombie gameing has to offer.

Zombie Shop is very proud to be an official sponsor of SCARdiff 2014 and this year, you'll get to try out some of the coolest Zombie Games available, and have a chance to win some awesome zombie gaming related stuff in the process!

Fight your way through the hordes and escape a fate worse than death at the hands of the flesh-hungry undead, or maybe even start as one and see how you the other half live, all in relative safety with the aid of dice, miniatures or a deck of cards.

Zombie Shop will be running demos of some of the coolest Zombie Games available throughout the day where you get a chance to see if you've got what it takes to survive, and there'll even be a chance to win some cool zombie gaming stuff!

How would you fare as Zombie? Can you eat the most brains and avoid getting shotgunned?

Find weapons, kill zombies. The more zombies you kill, the more skilled you get, the more skilled you get, the more zombies appear. Team Up, Gear Up, Level Up, Take 'em down!

Test your Braiiiiins to the limit with this fast-playing, ever-changing, flesh-munching version of the award winning Fluxx.

Get your tickets for SCARdiff 2014 and join us for some zombie gaming fun this Sunday 19th October and find out if you've got what it takes to survive! 

It's the Zombie Apocalypse... Let's Play!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Zombie Uprising - District 26 Zombie Airsoft Experience in Chesterfield

Zombie Shop attended the launch event of Chesterfield based air-softers Tac-House Spartan's brand new adrenaline-fueled Zombie Experience

Zombie Uprising: District 26

This is our story.

As we pulled up to the gate the armed security personal waved us down. This is it, Zombie Uprising: District 26. Through the restrictive acoustics of their gas-mask they directed into the compound where we parked up and awaited instruction from the other security personnel.

We saw other nervous faces peering out of their vehicles as a military land rover raced out of the undergrowth in a blaze of blue flashing lights. An armed escort leapt out and lead us into the undergrowth towards a command and control centre. We checked in with the sound of the infected ones echoing across the compound and little was said as we were directed into a transport. Once fully embarked we headed back out from the relative safety of the undergrowth.

District 26

As we burst through into the open the devastation became apparent, there really was no more room left in hell and the dead were walking the earth. Attracted by the sound of the vehicle a group of undead shambled towards us, a horde of blood-soaked corpses lumbered towards the land rover as it headed towards an impressive industrial complex.

Keeping clear of the walkers the land rover pulled up outside a set of large gates which opened as we arrived and more security personnel waved us in. Out we jumped and raced inside the gates, the ever present threat of the undead at our heels. Once inside the gates slammed shut and horde pressed against the barrier.

We received a overview of the situation. Selected due to our immunity to the airborne strain of the virus, we would be able to enter the contaminated zone without fear of being infected, unless of course the undead touched us or bit us, and in that case it was curtains.

A senior security adviser split us into deployment teams and briefed us of our mission. Time was of the essence, so after some brief weapons training and equipment issue, we were as ready as we were ever going to be.

We were assigned an armed escort who would lead us into the complex, but due to the nature of the infection he could only take us so far. We were in radio contact with control, "Red Team standing by.", all personnel present and ready, weapons locked and loaded, check. Stand by, Stand by.

Guns trained on the door, we headed into the dark, damp expanse of the abandoned complex.
Deep in the underbelly of the infected zone we heard them; moaning, groaning, shuffling and crawling... towards us. Through shadowy corridors and rooms we were lead until there out of the dark the rotting corpses lumbered, catching our escort off guard. A scuffle broke out and more of the undead joined the feeding frenzy as he fell. In the panic we raced to the only escape route we could find, a confined exit in the wall that lead to a staircase, in the dark, alone!

For the next couple of hours we raced from place to place in the abandoned complex. Making sporadic radio contact with HQ we explored the vast complex, fighting and fleeing the undead the whole time, hearts in our throats, fingers on triggers, breath ragged and short.

Stage by stage we came to understand the layout of the complex, finding clues and getting input and orders from control. We met up with the other teams, albeit fleetingly, and the undead lurched out of the dark as we raced our separate ways in pursuit of our individual team missions.

With ammunition low and adrenaline high the teams finally gathered in one place, defending each other with what little firepower we could now muster to keep the horde at bay. Our mission complete, we radioed control to request back-up. Command and control were being forced to abandon HQ, but they promised to send the land rovers to extract us.

As the final vehicle loaded the last of the survivors I was thrown a shotgun by one of the escaping survivors, and proceeded to unload the remainder of its shells into the oncoming horde, I kept them at bay but could not reach the rear doors myself, so instead of waiting to become a cheap meat-snack I ran... in the direction of our extraction.

As the motorised way out of this hell-hole set off it was all feeling very Black Hawk Down as jogged away from the destruction with a horde of walking corpses at my heels, 100 yards out from the extract point, with a horde of zombies on our tail, the driver stopped to pick me up.

As we pulled into the command and control centre we were inspected by a scientist, 'processed' and segregated very quickly; some to a military tent, others, including myself ended up in an outside fenced area. Once the dust settled it didn't take long to check our wristbands and realise it hadn't ended well for some of us. Let's hope the sacrifice wasn't in vain!

Do you think you've got what it takes to take on the horde at District 26, Will you survive?

Book your experience at Zombie Uprising through Zombie Shop now!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Zombie Uprising - District 26, Zombie Airsoft Experience in Chesterfield - Trailer

Zombie Shop was previleged to attend the launch event for a fantastic new Zombie Experience, Zombie Uprising in Chesterfield, and we even got to experience the adventure first hand.

We had an amazing time and our full after action report follows soon. For the time being, here's a taste of the awesome undead horror we were subjected to!

Will you survive the Zombie Uprising?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Horrify Me - Professional Horror Portraits

Horrify Me is an incredible new Horror Portrait Service that takes the concept of family-friendly smiles, back-lighting and capturing a 'unique moment you will treasure forever' turns it in it's head, stabs it through the heart with a wooden steak, douses it in holy water and dashes out it's brain!

The creator of Horrify Me, Rick Jones, has a passion for horror movies. He is also an exeptionally talented photographer, graphic designer and he's even built his own full size R2 unit in his workshop (major win in fan-boy territory).

Rick combined his passions and after he secured a couple of book covers for Lisa Richardson's Blog of the Dead series decided to offer one of the coolest services we've ever seen. 

Ever wanted to show your darker side? Want to transform yourself a flesh-hungry Zombie? Horrify Me gives you that chance.

Horrify Me is massively gruesome fun and photo shoots can get pretty messy. You'll need to bring your own costumes or outfits and althgouh Rick and the team can do thier best at keeping your clothes clean you'll probably want to bring something you don't mind getting more than a little fake blood on.

This is classic horror like the movies you know and love made photo-real.

Rick says "Some modern horror movies are pretty rubbish to be honest. Sparkly vampires? Romantic zombies? No thanks.

I like to keep my horror portraits 'old school' which reference the golden age of 1980s horror. I create proper 'Romero' zombies: Ugly, rotten, blood drenched ghouls, lost in a tragic thoughtless existence, that have nothing attractive about them whatsoever. They're the living dead, not broken-hearted lost souls from chick-flicks!"

A standard photo shoot with Horrify Me covers up to three people and larger groups are available with a small additional cost per person, so get a few mates together and you can share the fun and the cost too.

Whilst our interest is very firmly in the zombie camp Horrify Me don't just do zombies. If demonic possession or blood-sucking vampires, the scary kind not the sparkly ones, are more your thing they're just as good at bringing that horrific vision to life... undead.

Horrify Me are based in Dover, Kent, and whether you're in the mood for a scary portrait, are an odd couple, want to get freaky with your friends, show the world your frightening family, your creepy kids or are looking for a horror themed party event (stag or hen parties welcome) one of their studio shoots is a fantasticly fun and gruesome way to spend a a few, most likely messy, hours.

Want to get that little bit further? For an additional cost you can even get your own personalised movie poster.

You'll get a minium of 5 amazing prints from your photo shoot and Horry Me offers a comprehensive print service that includes canvas, acrylic display prints and even posters.

No sense in waiting, book your own Horrify Me Zombie Photo Shoot now!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

SCARdiff 2014: City of Horror Giveaway

SCARdiff is Cardiff's annual expo celebrating all things horror: books, comics, movies, cosplay, the works.

2014′s event is an ALL AGES show, scheduled for Sunday 19th October at a brand new venue, Cardiff Masonic Hall

Zombie Shop have teamed up with the SCARdiff crew to offer a free copy of City of Horror to one lucky horror fan. Book your tickets before 27th June for a chance to win yourself a copy and show your friends once and for all that if the zombies come, you're tripping them first!

Zombie Shop will be demoing a number of Zombie Board, Card and Dice Games at SCARdiff this year.

City of Horror is a backstabbing survival-horror game. A shambling horde is invading the city. The goal is to survive the assault. (Un)fortunately, surviving often means sacrificing some of your fellow players to the undead...

 Each player controls several characters with different abilities; these characters can move to various limited-capacity locations, which they can then barricade and scavenge for items and weapons. Critical situations, such as zombies breaking in and eating a character, are resolved using vote.

 The basic game mechanics are the same as Mall of Horror, but City of Horror differs in both materials and game play in a number of ways: the city map changes each game, twenty characters are included, they can use antidotes (or die if there aren't enough to go around), action cards become more scarce as the game progresses and you can gain points with other stuff than surviving characters...

Early bird tickets for SCARdiff are just £6.66, book your now at