Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Zombie Bite Calculator - How Long Will You Last?

Getting bitten by a zombie can prove somewhat problematic.

Not only is there that niggling pain and the loss of blood but there's the issue of contracting whatever mutated pathogenic virus has caused the zombpocalypse and, once you can't hold out any longer, succumbing to the big dark and reanimating with the munchies and a penchant for human flesh.

So how long would you last once you've been bitten? The answer to this once unfathomable question is now within our grasp.

Visit oatmeal.com and find out how long you will last.

theoatmeal.com, the home of crazy comics quizzes and stories, has created this indispensable Zombie Bite Calculator so that not only can you know, on the button when you're gonna cop it, but your friends can safely know how long you'll be of use to them before they have to put one in your brain or send you off into the mix as fast moving bait before you become a threat to them.

So...if you get bitten by a zombie...how long will you last?

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