Sunday, 5 June 2011


Sadly, most foreign language films don't tend to get the broad coverage we'd prefer in our now predominantly Showcase Theatre Nation, particularly foregin language horror. So, it's pretty exciting when little gems such as this get their DVD release.

Things don't look good.

RAMMBOCK was a german 2010 film from director Marvin Kren. The story follows Schnook (Michael Fuith) who heads to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment block to make amends and instead gets trapped inside by a 28 DAYS LATER-style viral outbreak. Cue running and screaming and some insanely tense set-pieces.

Sehr erschreckend

With comparisons to [REC] and The Horde abound and this stunning trailer Zombie Shop gives RAMMBOCK two thumbs up - well worth picking up if you missed it, after all, it doesn;t have 'zombie' or 'of the dead' in the title.

Sehr Gut und Fantastisch!

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