Thursday, 30 June 2011

World War Z to film in Glasgow this Summer

Great news for Scottish zombie fans! WWZ is coming to Glasgow.

World War Z scenes to be shot in Glasgow

Key scenes from Brad Pitt's production of World War Z are apparently due to be shot in city centre locations such as Cochrane Street and George Square this August. Time to book that Scottish holiday.

Cochrane Street - Glasgow. Soon to be awash with zombies.
Image courtesy of The Local Data Company.

George Square - Glasgow. WWZ shooting location.
Image courtesy of
As a veritable uber-fest of zed-heads the production is going to need plenty of enthusiastic locals ready to don shredded clothes, make up and lashing of fake blood and gore.

As the production is likely to involve up to 1200 people Glasgow City Council has estimated that the global zombie epic will bring over £2m to the local economy.

Location manager for World War Z, Michael Harm, said: “The production spent many months looking for the perfect city centre location to play an important part in the film. Glasgow's architecture, wide roads and grid layout proved the ideal setting for director Marc Forster."

Businesses in keys areas where filming will take place have been consulted about the production.

Leader of Glasgow City Council, Councillor Gordon Matheson, said: “Our distinctive Victorian architecture has proved a vital attraction to many location managers over the years, and it is great news that the producers have decided to come to Glasgow. "The decision to use Glasgow as a location for the production was made after production staff met with Glasgow City Council's Film Office. They have reportedly worked together for the past month to secure locations.


  1. What great buildings. Did you take those photos yourself?

  2. No Whisk and thanks for asking. I knew there was something I forgot amidst the recent blogger photo uploading issues. Picture sources now updated.

  3. The book was good, but imagined it would make a better tv series than a movie. Still hope it will end up being good (or at least better than the letdown of the Walking Dead which started out great and ended with a WTF).

  4. Anatoli - agreed. It risks beinge a hit and a miss all at the same time but time will tell.