Friday, 19 August 2011

Dead Island: The Book by Mark Morris

Deep Silver are pulling out all the stops for their much awaited first person zombie survival game Dead Island.

Scheduled for simultaneous release with the video Game, Dead Island: The Book comes from the pen of British Fantasy Award winning author Mark Morris. Mark is known for his Doctor Who and Torchwood tie-ins, as well as a string of horror releases and is sure to attract a big following, even outside the realms of the electronic gamer.

Dead Island: The Book, by Mark Morris

A once-in-a-lifetime dream holiday turns into an apocalyptic nightmare for guests of the five-star Royal Palms Resort on the island of Banoi. What begins as an escape to a tropical paradise becomes a fight for survival as a mystery outbreak suddenly and unexpectedly turns holiday makers into the flesh-hungry undead. Four very different individuals are somehow unaffected by the virus and must use anything and everything at their disposal to take out the undead and survive the outbreak.

Dead Island: The Book is be released by Bantam Books on 8th September 2011.


  1. Will you be stocking it in your store, Adam?