Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nerf Vortex Range - Improved Zomb-pocalypse Rehearsal!

Nerf has long been the staple of intense, action-heavy zombie live action roleplaying games.

Nerf and Zombie Live Action Role Playing; Why?
Well, Nerf blasters are great value, come in bright colours so you won't get yourself into trouble with 'The Man' if someone sees you with one and, they look awesome, taking inspiration from anything from Aliens, Warhammer 40K and Halo and lastly, and possibly most importantly, they allow you to shoot your friends at point blank range in the head. So,allow us zombie LARP gamers to run a zombie simulation without having to resort to goggles and face masks.

Take a Nerf blaster outside or try to hit someone on the other side of a college gymnasium and you quickly realise the range limitations of even a modified blaster. Sniping? A nice idea but not a realistic option.

All that may change with the introduction of the new Vortex range of blasters. Zombie Shop takes a quick look at the most exciting thing to hit the Nerf arsenal since the clip system. The Vortex blaster puts new blaster technology to devastatingly good effect.

The Nerf Vigilon - Judge Dredd's Lawgiver?
New clip-system
The new blaster range does away with the clip-system that is the standard for most current blasters and introduces disc ammo - what looks like little mini Frisbees. Whilst information on the blasters is limited at best, one look at the sneak peek undercover style videos indicates, as the name suggests, the use of a vortex to spin the disc as it fires, in theory increasing stability, accuracy and range without just adding 'power' that would make a blaster hurt, rendering it useless for all sort of legal reasons.

Nerf Proton - Nightfire equivalent?
As always, blaster design is looking top notch with some superb looking introductions to launch the range.

Video indications suggest that accuracy is improved but we're going to have to see for ourselves before we pass comment on that.

Nerf Praxis - Pump action with the new magazine system.
The blaster range comes with the introduction of a striking new colour range, which whilst we're not gonna wax lyrical about, we think will look better than the yellow offerings in the darkened gloom of a zombie infested corridor.

Nerf Nitron - Spec Ops all the way.

Nerf Vortex release date
The release date for the Vortex range is scheduled for 10th October 2011, so we've got a pretty fair wait till these blasters hit the stores. Once they do that we at Zombie Shop will be shooting ourselves in the face just for you, to confirm their Zombie LARP suitability.

Until then, be sure to stock up on Nerf blasters and make sure you're ready for the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

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  1. Ehh.. Gotta say these "disc" nerf guns .. really arent floating my boat. from a safety point of view I can see why they might have gone for this option.. but it still lacks something to my mind.