Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Zombies Invade Norwich Conneticut as Cameras roll for 'Remains'

John Shishmanian / Norwich Bulletin.com
Monday was the first day of shooting by Synthetic Cinema International of its zombie film, “Remains.”

Several dozen onlookers crowded sidewalks as set designers and technicians prepped the area for filming.

Would-be zombies from Norwich, Plainfield and New London, among others, came to town for Monday’s shooting of the film.

The movie is set in Reno, Nev., where a blackjack dealer and a dancer find themselves the lone survivors of a bizarre accident that has reduced most of the world’s population to zombies.

“We’ll use some movie tricks to make Norwich look just like Reno,” Gernhard said during a March visit to the city to scout locations.

Andrew Gernhard, founder of Synthetic Cinema International, said “Remains” is a low-budget film and a joint production between Synthetic Cinema International and the Chiller Network. The movie will have a theatrical release before going to cable.

Gernhard, also the producer for the film, is a native of Norwich, and said earlier this year he was looking forward to be able to do business in the city.

The film company will be filming in the downtown area through June 25.

Text and picture from Norwich Bulletin.com


  1. As a resident of Norwich, i feel this is a wonderful opportunity for our great city to be a part of something larger, and give back to the city that its officials stride so hard to make feel like home.

  2. Lucky you. Home is where the braiiiinnns is! The crew doing this seem pretty open, very refreshing - head on down and pick up some on-set exclusives!