Sunday, 26 October 2014

Apocalypse Survival Training: An Audio fitness Adventure App

Everything is better with zombies, apparently even things that don't have zombies in. For example, things that are never meant to have zombies in and don't actually have zombies in. You know... like things with Aliens in.

Apocalypse Survival Training is an audio fitness adventure app and there are no zombies in it... none. However, in a recent interview with The Metro their AST App on Kickstarter (already funded and now just five to go) was called a Zombie Program, and there's no zombies in it and zombie isn't mentioned once, anywhere, except maybe here... and in the Metro.

In the eyes of the mainstream media being chased by a zombie and being chased by an alien are on a par, they're all monsters right, eating your brain or inserting a probe, it's all the same right?

Sean Page of the Ministry of Zombies, renown Zombie Survival Expert and author of The Zombie Survival Apocalypse Owners Manual, has been watching the skies of late. The threat is just as real and he has recently released The Alien Invasion Resistance Manual... coincidence... we think not.

Sean Page of the Ministry of Zombies, latest tome.
With interest piqued we got chatting to Adele Kirby, a self-confessed geek (we like her already) and writer who is completely addicted to exercise and also happens to be the extravagantly energetic founder of Imaginactive, the company behind Apocalypse Survival Training. So despite the fact there really are no zombies in it, at all, we think it's pretty awesome and if you like zombies, the chances are you'll love this.

Ever wonder how a geek keeps themselves motivated to work out, go for a run or keep hitting the gym day after day, year after year? Says Adele "I love imagining being in extraordinary situations which require me to be stronger, faster and braver than I really think I am."

If you're a nerd who hits the gym, you'll relate to this immediately and if you're a nerd who wants to make a change in their fitness, for health or aesthetic reasons, try it. I am unashamed to say that I personally started working out after I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian and I wanted to play a Barbarian character in a Live Roleplaying Game. When my love of zombies grew, Crossfit made perfect sense. Life is more awesome, when you can do more awesome things.

For years friends of Adele's were asking her how they could make exercise more fun as boot camps, group sessions and variety only go so far. How do you make exercise more fun? Apocalypse Survival Training is the answer!

Apocalypse Survival Training is an app delivered radio play with each episode as a workout. The story is centered around a group of London based survivors of an Alien Invasion. You can take part at any level, at home or even better in the great outdoors. It is progressive and each workout cycles between strength circuits, running sessions and holistic training to challenge your focus, resilience, imagination and intuition.

Interactive adventure fitness apps are an awesome way to get you moving and inspire you in a nerdy way when you otherwise might not have the internal motivation to do something active. And if you're already active they can really help you push yourself that extra mile. It'll certainly be fun... kinda like a solo live action immersive adventure in digital stereo!

The Kickstarter is funded so you know it's gonna happen and has just 5 days to run. The App will be available for iPhone and Android phones, so if you wanna find out if you have what it takes go support the Apocalypse Survival Training Kickstarter and keep your tin-foil hat ready!

I'd definitely rather have an interactive audio adventure KICK my ass than let the aliens PROBE it for the sake of 'research.'

The truth is out there... do you have what it takes to survive?

It's the Zombie (or Alien) Apocalypse...  Let's Play

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Gaming at SCARdiff 2014 with Zombie Shop

It all started during a conversation with Wayne Simmons, podcaster, journo and author of the awesome zombie novels Flu and Fever and founder of SCARdiff. In between discussions over what might happen to World War Z the movie (long before we knew about the 'zants'), being in rawk bands and tatoo conventions, we decided it'd be great if we could get people who might not necessarilty be 'gamers' to try their hand at the best of what zombie gameing has to offer.

Zombie Shop is very proud to be an official sponsor of SCARdiff 2014 and this year, you'll get to try out some of the coolest Zombie Games available, and have a chance to win some awesome zombie gaming related stuff in the process!

Fight your way through the hordes and escape a fate worse than death at the hands of the flesh-hungry undead, or maybe even start as one and see how you the other half live, all in relative safety with the aid of dice, miniatures or a deck of cards.

Zombie Shop will be running demos of some of the coolest Zombie Games available throughout the day where you get a chance to see if you've got what it takes to survive, and there'll even be a chance to win some cool zombie gaming stuff!

How would you fare as Zombie? Can you eat the most brains and avoid getting shotgunned?

Find weapons, kill zombies. The more zombies you kill, the more skilled you get, the more skilled you get, the more zombies appear. Team Up, Gear Up, Level Up, Take 'em down!

Test your Braiiiiins to the limit with this fast-playing, ever-changing, flesh-munching version of the award winning Fluxx.

Get your tickets for SCARdiff 2014 and join us for some zombie gaming fun this Sunday 19th October and find out if you've got what it takes to survive! 

It's the Zombie Apocalypse... Let's Play!