Thursday, 12 June 2014

Phil Watts, Zombie Killer

David Allen is a UK paramedic who spends a great deal of his working life trying to bring people back from the dead. Dave and his shift partner have spent countless hours discussing the best places to hole up, how to dispatch zombies and how to survive when… that’s right when, not if, the zombie apocalypse begins!

Phil Watts, Zombie Killer. Available for download on Kindle now.

Allen’s first Zombie novel contains strong language, violence, sexual imagery and some very dark humour aimed at the mature reader. If features zombies, cannibalism, guts, gore, and the demise of a good number of the population of Plymouth.

"Imagine one day you are a paramedic trying to bring people back from the dead, and the next day they are coming back from the dead by themselves, then trying to bite you.

The defibrillator; great for bringing people back from the dead. Not so good for making the dead even more dead.
This is what has happened to Phil Watts. Now he is holed up in a looted superstore, besieged by thousands of zombies.

Knowing he is probably going to die Phil writes his Last Will and Testament although the only possessions he has are the clothes he is wearing, a Glock pistol with two rounds of ammunition and two blow up sex dolls he has promised to rescue.

Phil Watts, Zombie Killer is about how he came to be there, and what happens next."

Phil Watts, Zombie Killer is a scarily plausible, dark humoured and disturbing insight into the minds of real paramedics during a zombie uprising. The measures taken in the book have been discussed, planned and debated on many a night shift.

The measures taken in this book have been discussed, planned and debated on many a night shift.
Phil Watts, Zombie Killer is decidedly adult; Imagine Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels meets Shaun of the Dead, and contains copious amounts of explicit language, violence and sex with dead people. What more could you ask for?

Phil Watts, Zombie Killer is available to download now on Kindle.

The sequel to Phil Watts, Zombie Killer should be out later this year.


  1. Sounds like a fun read dude. Is it coming out in paper?

    1. It certainly is fun with very, very dark humour. I'm not sure, it's currently only available in digital format Bob

  2. Certainly one to add to the list, thank you for the tip off.

  3. It's a very short book, even for the typical outrageous Kindle price of £0.77 but may be worth a punt, it sounds interesting enough for me to put it on the list

    1. It is definitely a quick read although the very British theme makes it stand out. It's also rather funny too