Monday, 20 June 2011

World War Z - Brad Pitt location shots.

Just a few weeks after sporting a smooth-faced, red carpet look at the Hollywood premiere of, The Tree of Life, Brad Pitt is bow looking rough, ready and zombie-worn.

Zombie worn Pitt as Brooks.

The 47-year-old actor was snapped shooting the much awaited adaptation of Max Brooks' World War Z, in Malta, all 'beardy UN investigator' looking.

Brad Pitt, pictured in Malta on the set of World War Z.

 Brad, along with partner Angelina Jolie and family, have relocated to Malta while he films his the post-apocalyptic horror movie.

Brad takes on the lead role of role of Max Brooks in the film. Mas is an agent working for the United Nations Postwar Commission who publishes a report ten years after the Zombie War.
He travels the globe collecting tales and experiences from  the survivors of the apocalyptic conflict that swept the planet and almost eradicated humanity.

The film, directed by Marc Foster, also stars Mireille Enos and Matthew Fox.

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