Thursday, 10 July 2014

Horrify Me - Professional Horror Portraits

Horrify Me is an incredible new Horror Portrait Service that takes the concept of family-friendly smiles, back-lighting and capturing a 'unique moment you will treasure forever' turns it in it's head, stabs it through the heart with a wooden steak, douses it in holy water and dashes out it's brain!

The creator of Horrify Me, Rick Jones, has a passion for horror movies. He is also an exeptionally talented photographer, graphic designer and he's even built his own full size R2 unit in his workshop (major win in fan-boy territory).

Rick combined his passions and after he secured a couple of book covers for Lisa Richardson's Blog of the Dead series decided to offer one of the coolest services we've ever seen. 

Ever wanted to show your darker side? Want to transform yourself a flesh-hungry Zombie? Horrify Me gives you that chance.

Horrify Me is massively gruesome fun and photo shoots can get pretty messy. You'll need to bring your own costumes or outfits and althgouh Rick and the team can do thier best at keeping your clothes clean you'll probably want to bring something you don't mind getting more than a little fake blood on.

This is classic horror like the movies you know and love made photo-real.

Rick says "Some modern horror movies are pretty rubbish to be honest. Sparkly vampires? Romantic zombies? No thanks.

I like to keep my horror portraits 'old school' which reference the golden age of 1980s horror. I create proper 'Romero' zombies: Ugly, rotten, blood drenched ghouls, lost in a tragic thoughtless existence, that have nothing attractive about them whatsoever. They're the living dead, not broken-hearted lost souls from chick-flicks!"

A standard photo shoot with Horrify Me covers up to three people and larger groups are available with a small additional cost per person, so get a few mates together and you can share the fun and the cost too.

Whilst our interest is very firmly in the zombie camp Horrify Me don't just do zombies. If demonic possession or blood-sucking vampires, the scary kind not the sparkly ones, are more your thing they're just as good at bringing that horrific vision to life... undead.

Horrify Me are based in Dover, Kent, and whether you're in the mood for a scary portrait, are an odd couple, want to get freaky with your friends, show the world your frightening family, your creepy kids or are looking for a horror themed party event (stag or hen parties welcome) one of their studio shoots is a fantasticly fun and gruesome way to spend a a few, most likely messy, hours.

Want to get that little bit further? For an additional cost you can even get your own personalised movie poster.

You'll get a minium of 5 amazing prints from your photo shoot and Horry Me offers a comprehensive print service that includes canvas, acrylic display prints and even posters.

No sense in waiting, book your own Horrify Me Zombie Photo Shoot now!