Thursday, 18 September 2014

Zombie Uprising - District 26 Zombie Airsoft Experience in Chesterfield

Zombie Shop attended the launch event of Chesterfield based air-softers Tac-House Spartan's brand new adrenaline-fueled Zombie Experience

Zombie Uprising: District 26

This is our story.

As we pulled up to the gate the armed security personal waved us down. This is it, Zombie Uprising: District 26. Through the restrictive acoustics of their gas-mask they directed into the compound where we parked up and awaited instruction from the other security personnel.

We saw other nervous faces peering out of their vehicles as a military land rover raced out of the undergrowth in a blaze of blue flashing lights. An armed escort leapt out and lead us into the undergrowth towards a command and control centre. We checked in with the sound of the infected ones echoing across the compound and little was said as we were directed into a transport. Once fully embarked we headed back out from the relative safety of the undergrowth.

District 26

As we burst through into the open the devastation became apparent, there really was no more room left in hell and the dead were walking the earth. Attracted by the sound of the vehicle a group of undead shambled towards us, a horde of blood-soaked corpses lumbered towards the land rover as it headed towards an impressive industrial complex.

Keeping clear of the walkers the land rover pulled up outside a set of large gates which opened as we arrived and more security personnel waved us in. Out we jumped and raced inside the gates, the ever present threat of the undead at our heels. Once inside the gates slammed shut and horde pressed against the barrier.

We received a overview of the situation. Selected due to our immunity to the airborne strain of the virus, we would be able to enter the contaminated zone without fear of being infected, unless of course the undead touched us or bit us, and in that case it was curtains.

A senior security adviser split us into deployment teams and briefed us of our mission. Time was of the essence, so after some brief weapons training and equipment issue, we were as ready as we were ever going to be.

We were assigned an armed escort who would lead us into the complex, but due to the nature of the infection he could only take us so far. We were in radio contact with control, "Red Team standing by.", all personnel present and ready, weapons locked and loaded, check. Stand by, Stand by.

Guns trained on the door, we headed into the dark, damp expanse of the abandoned complex.
Deep in the underbelly of the infected zone we heard them; moaning, groaning, shuffling and crawling... towards us. Through shadowy corridors and rooms we were lead until there out of the dark the rotting corpses lumbered, catching our escort off guard. A scuffle broke out and more of the undead joined the feeding frenzy as he fell. In the panic we raced to the only escape route we could find, a confined exit in the wall that lead to a staircase, in the dark, alone!

For the next couple of hours we raced from place to place in the abandoned complex. Making sporadic radio contact with HQ we explored the vast complex, fighting and fleeing the undead the whole time, hearts in our throats, fingers on triggers, breath ragged and short.

Stage by stage we came to understand the layout of the complex, finding clues and getting input and orders from control. We met up with the other teams, albeit fleetingly, and the undead lurched out of the dark as we raced our separate ways in pursuit of our individual team missions.

With ammunition low and adrenaline high the teams finally gathered in one place, defending each other with what little firepower we could now muster to keep the horde at bay. Our mission complete, we radioed control to request back-up. Command and control were being forced to abandon HQ, but they promised to send the land rovers to extract us.

As the final vehicle loaded the last of the survivors I was thrown a shotgun by one of the escaping survivors, and proceeded to unload the remainder of its shells into the oncoming horde, I kept them at bay but could not reach the rear doors myself, so instead of waiting to become a cheap meat-snack I ran... in the direction of our extraction.

As the motorised way out of this hell-hole set off it was all feeling very Black Hawk Down as jogged away from the destruction with a horde of walking corpses at my heels, 100 yards out from the extract point, with a horde of zombies on our tail, the driver stopped to pick me up.

As we pulled into the command and control centre we were inspected by a scientist, 'processed' and segregated very quickly; some to a military tent, others, including myself ended up in an outside fenced area. Once the dust settled it didn't take long to check our wristbands and realise it hadn't ended well for some of us. Let's hope the sacrifice wasn't in vain!

Do you think you've got what it takes to take on the horde at District 26, Will you survive?

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  1. That sounds like one great experience, thanks for the post - very enjoyable read.

  2. Terrific post dude! Sounds like amazing time was had.

    1. Cheers Bob, it was a great evening, highly recommended!

  3. A great write up but I doubt if I would have survived very long!

    1. Thank you Bryan, I think you'd be okay, or in the very least, last longer than you might think! :)

  4. Awesome! That would so damn cool!

    We went for an event called HUMANS VERSUS ZOMBIES. 48 hours of gaming and surviving.
    Adrenalin is constant in your bloodstreams!

    1. Cheers Johnny, it was tons of fun, highly recommended. Sounds ace, yup, that adrenaline can be awesome, although it doesn't tire you out once it wears off!