Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Zombie Card Games and Zombie Board Games - Part 2

Okay, so you've reached 10th level in Munchkin Zombies, eaten brains and avoiding getting shotgunned in Zombie Dice and you've made it to the choppa in Zombies!!! If that hasn't quite satisfied your hunger for brains or survival in a world gone insane and you want to take things a little further, what do you do now? Twilight Creations still have a lot to offer.

For a slight change of pace, Humans!!! flips the viewpoint on its hugely popular Zombies!!! game. This time you get to play as a zombie and go shambling after the humans victims as only semblance of your former self. It's a stand alone game but even more fun, you can combine this with the original game and choose between playing as a zombie or a survivor in the same game. Humans!!! uses the same basic mechanics of Zombies!!!, with an even more undead twist.

Humans!!! zombie board game from Twlight Creations.

Reiner Knizia is a multi award winning games designer so when Reiner's name is behind something you may attention. Zombiegeddon is a game of two halves, the first half spend frantically racing around the board collecting when you think is rightfully yours and the second half of the game is spent trying to survive. Whoever has the most stuff at the end of the game wins. Aimed very much from the euro-gamer, Zombiegeddon is definitely more strategy heavy than a zombie themed blast-em-up. It is slightly let down a little by some graphic design elements but remains a very strong game.

Zombiegeddon - Reiner Knizia's zombie strategy game

A more accessible game from Twilight Creations is Zombietown. Instead of hitting the streets in a bid to escape the action, Zombietown centres around the happenings of a small local neighbourhood. Unfortunately for you, your house is right across the street from the cemetery. Collecting and using your guns barricades and rushing off in an attempt to claim other abandoned homes is all part of the fun and the more of that you do, the more likely you are to win. 100 plastic zombies sure seems like a lot when they start shambling across the street towards your hastily barricaded home. Zombietown is designed for 3 to 6 players, however - rules for a two player game are included.

Zombietown - look out for your neighbours.

Zombie Survival: The Board Game
The mysterious event that has reanimated the dead has also given them an unhealthy hunger for your brains! Taking things a stage further comes Zombie Survival: The Board Game. Plan on staying in your own house and waiting for this to blow over? The action takes place in and around your house. Stock up on common sense survival necessities and try to out-last, or out-survive the waves of zombies and. The winner isn't the one who survives the longest, it's the one who dies last! Zombie Survival: The Board Game has a great 'this is what most people would probably end up doing' feel to it and cranks up the production value with some great game pieces.

Zombie Survival: The Board Game - Barricade

Hooked on zombie board gaming? Stocked up on munchies and ready for a lock-in?

Next time we focus on two of the most popular and in-depth zombie board games available.



  1. Wow, all of these sound way better than my Star Wars Ouija Board! Thanks for the tips.

  2. Sean: Star Wars Ouija Board. That's great.

  3. A Star Wars Ouija board!! "It's a Trap!"