Friday, 22 July 2011

Brimingham Zombie Walk 2011

Seems like you can't go anywhere these days wthout Zombies being there.

Birmingham, England is no different.

This Saturday 23rd July, Birmingham's annual 'Walk of The Dead' takes place.

Birmingham Zombie Walk 2010. "Say Braiiins!"

Birmingham's 3rd annual zombie walk kicks off at 3.30pm in the Broad Street area, finishing at a Zombie Themed party at city club Subside. They have even created a special 'Cocktail of The Dead' just for the occasion.

There will be all sorts of fun activities taking place from around midday.

For a small cash donation, professional volunteer make up artsists will 'zombiefy' you, so you can be sure you'll be getting a great zombie look, and it's not just for hardcore zombie fanatics either, this one's for the whole family.

Jamie Chapman. Birmingham Zombie Walk Event Organiser.

Event organiser Jamie Chapman, 21 said "It's a family event and we will be having children, teenagers, adults and families all come along."

"This is the third year of the zombie walk and it has gown bigger each time."

"There will be losts to do, including a zombie raffle and a best-dressed zombie competition."

Tickets go on sale for the zombie raffle from 12pm till 3pm, £1 per strip and there is over £500 worth of prizes to give away. Last year's event raised £850 for charity and they hope to raise even more tomorrow for Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Find out more about the walk on the Birmingham Zombie Walk Facebook page. Or by visitng the Birmingham Zombie Walk 2011 Webpage.


  1. I just hope someone doesn't think they are for real and start whacking into them. :-P

  2. Attacking he Zombies is apparenmtly frowned upon :) More to follow on the aftermath!