Monday, 11 July 2011

Zombie Card Games and Zombie Board Games - Part 1

Not that long ago, if you wanted to get your zombie fix via a board game, it was like being the recently risen on the Shetland Islands, slap-bang in the middle of winter; slim pickings.

Now, we're spoilt for choice. Whether you're a hardcore euro-gaming uber-hobbyist or just entering the realm of zombie gaming there is a massive choice.

Zombie Gaming Quick-Fix
If time is short and you're looking for an insta-fix, Looney Lab's Zombie Fluxx should fit the bill. If you're not familiar with Fluxx, the premise is simple: draw one card, play one card - there's no set way to win and the rules change with the turn of every card, even that one above - and this time there are zombies. The rules are quick to pick up and the mechanic is a maddening mix of luck, judgement and, as with every version of Fluxx, adaptability.

Zombie Fluxx from Looney Labs

Zombie Dice
Like Zombie Fluxx Steve Jackson's Zombie Dice is perfect for an entrĂ©, palette cleanser or dessert. It's quick, simple and brain-munchingly good fun.

Zombie Dice from Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Zombies
We could hardly mention Steve Jackson Games without bringing up Munckin Zombies. Once more, not to be taken too seriously, unless of course your character is a 10th level zombie and you insist on telling people about it. Even stangers, even your boss, even the mailman, and the lady at the post office and your shrink's cat. "There was this one time..."

Munckin Zombies from Steve Jackson Games

Zombie in my Pocket
Cambridge Games Factory put out some of the neatest little pocket games around, of which Zombie in my Pocket is undoubtably their coolest offering yet. Zombie in my Pocket is a decidedly non-cooprative game. Which is great for getting you in the dog-house with your friends, siblings or significant others.

Zombie in my Pocket from Cambridge Wargames Factory.

Twilight Creations have unquestionably produced the lion's share of zombie gaming goodness. Zombies!!!, their flagship game, is still as popular as ever in it's improved Director's Cut release.
Zombies!!! from Twilight Creations

Zombies!!! Is generally considered to be the quintessential zombie board game. Its the game most people instantly think of when they think of zombie board games and deservedly so. Coolest of all, it comes with 100 plastic zombies. It's a great little game and perfect for anyone who wants to take their zombie gaming just a little bit further without being too caught up in game mechanics. You can play the game cooperatively, or at least you can try, because once push comes to shove and escape is close at hand, you might just be worrying a little less about 'those others' than yelling "Get to da chappa!" to your buddies.

Can't get enough Zombies!!!There are nine, count 'em, nine supplements for Zombies!!!, each one adding combinations of new areas to explore, more cards, more zombies and new rules. Probably the most tantalising and terryfying of all are the Mall Walkers and Send in the Clowns expansions, which even comes with custom scuplted Zombie Clowns!!! and you can pick up more Zombie Clowns!!! if you need them!

Zombies!!! 7 - Send in the Clowns from Twilight Creations.
Next time... take your zombie gaming to the next level as we explore the zombie board games that are the perfect accompaniment to a chips, dips and beer gameathon.


  1. Looks nice, thanks for sharing!

  2. I bought Zombie Fluxx at the beginning of the year and it is great fun and easy to play.

    The trick is winning before your opponents change the rules and win before you do.

  3. Shelldrake - It can certainly be frustrating, in a good way, when things don't go your way,

  4. A useful article and overview of some of the games currently available.

  5. Bryan - thank you sir, we're getting into some of the the more in-depth games as we go forward.