Friday, 15 July 2011

Trailer Park of Terror

Rednecks and Zombies! A head-on collision that’s more hillbilly undead than gore-stained overalls on a reanimated Alabama rattlesnake.

Trailer Park of Terror - Zombie Slasher

This definitely ain’t about Karma!
Noma is a trailer Park Queen - when her boyfirned is killed by the local trailer park bullies, Norma makes a pact with the devil and takes her revenge...
Six troubled high school students and their chaperone are returning from a reteat when their bus crashes, stranding them in the middle of Trailer Park Hell... literally!
Trailer Park of Terror - The Reapers are coming.

Trailer Park of Terror is more ‘Wrong Turn’ than anything that resembles an ‘of the Dead’ tribute. It's far more likely to appeal to fans of the black comedy slasher-flick genre.
The movie gets off to a superb start but falters a little as it drifts into a formula of teenager meets grisly end due to crimes of morailty, but Nichole Hiltz plays a fantastic lead as the good girl gone bad. The set-pieces are well executed, if a little cliched, and there's even a big fat scary zombie lass to rival Dawn of The Dead (2004)

Nichole Hiltz - Trailer Park Queen... of the Damned.

Trailer Park of Terror is based on the Imperium Comics Series of the same name. With top-notch special effects and a scorching southern-fried soundtrack. Those who know their country music will welcome Trace Adkins cameo as 'The Man', and the film's director, Steven Goldmann, is known for his country music videos. This movie is slick, well shot and nasty fun for the hardcore horror fan.

Trailer Park of Terror - Trace Adkins as 'The Man'

It's not one for apocalyptic Romero die-hards, Trailer Park of Terror is a welcome excursion from the typical zombie flick. Zombies that talk? These Reapers play slide guitar!


  1. It's not a "zombie" movie. It's a "trailer park inhabited by white trash demons that eventually kills a bunch of idiot teens" movie. If you're expecting a "zombie" movie you'll be sorely disappointed. YMMV.

  2. I love this movie, it's one of my new favorites! I love Norma in it, she's a kick in the pants. and it's kind of a zombie movie if you count the scary big lady who eats anything. It's still soooooo gooood! Thanks for the reminder. I'm gonna watch it right now!