Tuesday, 16 August 2011

World War Z - Glasgow in Ruins

As filming for World War Z gets underway parts of Glasgow will be in ruins for the next couple of weeks.

Glasgow or Philadelphia - Picture from bbc.co.uk
Last month an open casting was held to recruit a horde of local zombies and now a cast and crew of around 1,200 will be shooting scenes in George Square and other locations across Glasgow city centre.

Glasgow was chosen as a location for World War Z because of the architecture, wide roads and layout, which is grid based like most US cites.

Iconic yellow cabs and UK bollards. Picture from bbc.co.uk

The film is set in Philadelphia so false shop fronts, traffic signals, road signs and American cars were being brought in to complete the illusion.

US road signs waiting to be installed. Picture from bbc.co.uk

The production is likely to bring in excess of £2m to the local economy according to Glasgow City Council.
City Council leader, Gordon Matheson said: "We are ready to welcome the World War Z production to Glasgow."

"There is great anticipation in the city ahead of such a huge film coming here."

With recent revelations of the movie's synopsis showing the film set during the outbreak, rather than during with the aftermath, as in Max Brook's 2006 novel, fans are worried, but aren't we always?

Every big budget zombie movie in recent years has been a financial success. The future of such a large-scale production could have implications for the zombiephiles wish-list of movies we'd love to see made.

Mr Pitt, the undead eyes of the world are on you now.



  1. If you hadn't told me it was Glasgow I'd have never guessed. The wonder of film-making!

  2. That is really cool and interesting, thanks for sharing.

  3. This movie is looking awesome, I can't wait for it come out. I hope it doesn't let me down!