Saturday, 2 November 2013

SCARdiff 2013 Horror Expo Show Report

10.00 am on Sunday 27th October 2013 and the doors to Cardiff’s Mercure Holland Hotel open - Cardiff’s first Horror Expo SCARdiff had officially begun!

The doors open on SCARdiff 2013. Image by Carly Turner Photography
SCARdiff was co-produced by Fantasy Events, Shock Horror magazine and Horror author Wayne Simmons; a veritable smorgasbord of horror goodness.

Zombie Ad with Colin Murtagh from
The one day event was held at the rather well appointed (fully licensed bar, always a plus, nice toilets, conference rooms and good sized trading hall) and was jam-packed with horror writers, comic book artists, actors, producers, special effects artists, directors and horror fans alike.

SCARdiff Guests

The guest list was pretty extensive, including:

Dominic Brunt (Before Dawn), David Moody (Autumn and Hater series of novels), John Higgins (Razorjack, Watchmen), Simeon Halligan (Splintered), Adam Millard (The Dead series), Simon Williams (Bad Blood), Anthony D.P.Mann, Bobby ‘The Pimp’ Rhodes (Demons), Wayne Simmons (Flu and Doll Parts), James Plumb (Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection), Mike Peel (Rogue Creations SFX), Tony Jopia (Deadtime) and many more.

David Moody. Image by Carly Turner Photography

The guests made themselves available throughout the day so it was easy to meet with your favourite and everyone was more than willing to answer questions and generally geek out on anything horror related.

Adam Millard. Image by Carly Tuner Photography

The Q&A sessions were hosted by Colin McCracken, founder and editor of and regular contributor to Rue Morgue, Diabolique, Shock Horror and more. The sessions were well received and tons of fun.
Zombie Shop. Image by Carly Turner Photography

A number of films were shown including screenings of Out There, Shellshocked and Radio Silence.

Mike Peel from Rogue Creations SFX. Image by Carly Tuner Photography

Cosplayers were out in force featuring characters from and inspired by 2000AD, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Razorjack, Night of the Living Dead, Chucky, Interview with a Vampire, Little Red Riding Hood and more.

Silent Hill.
Judge Pal - Wewere let off with a stern warning!
The trading hall was packed with all manner of horror goodness from the macabre to the bizarre from traders such as Mad Science Films, Retrodec, Gadmachine, Science Fiction Collectables, ShottleBop, Sovrin’s Crafts, Feast of Flesh, Drown Soda, Fish4Comics and Zombie Shop.

Retrodec's macabre collection. Image from

Zombie Shop's Trading Table at SCARdiff 2013.

It was a great day out and an awesome celebration of all things horror. When SCARdiff 2014 comes to town it is highly recommended for any horror fan. Zombie Shop will be there!

Missed out? Check out the video report from S4/C.

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  1. Sweet! I hope you did a roaring trade as well as all the other zombie goodness going on.

  2. We did indeed thank you and we had such a fun day nerding out with other horror, sci-fi and gaming fans. It was awesome.

  3. I'm very jealous of you, Adam. I wish I'd been there with you. Great review and photos. It sure did look like a lot of fun.

  4. I think you would have really enjoyed it Bryan. I hope at some point in the future you're able to get out and about and enjoy some of the zombie fueled goodness on offer. It was great fun and as SCARdiff 2014 has been hinted at, we're looking forward to that too!

  5. Sounds like good fun was had by all !

    1. It was great fun Zabadak, well worth a day out