Monday, 11 November 2013

7th Festival of Zombie Culture

Now in it's 7th year, the UK festival of Zombie Culture hits Leicester once again this Saturday 16th November, the streets of Leicester will run red with blood!

The festival features over 13 hours of Zombie Movies, including:

The Battery (2013) US, Meteletsa: Winter of the Dead (2012) Russia, The first festival screening of: Zombie Hood (2013) UK, WORLD PREMIERE screening of: Wasteland (2013) UK, Battle of the Damned (2013) USA/Singapore. Starring: Dolph Lundgren, and the festive Stalled (2013) UK.

Buy Tickets: Full Day Passes are now available: BOOK NOW!

Terror4Fun will also be putting on the Arcade of the Dead, where you can play some of the Ultimate Classic Zombie games of All Time! 8 Consoles, plenty of controllers, including the ever popular key board for ‘Typing of the Dead…'

Once again, we have hosted Retroactive's more sinister side of gaming and it keeps getting more and more brutal every year… Game on!

Guest authors include: David Moody (Autumn and Hater series of novels). Adam Millard (The Dead novels), Sean T, Page (Ministry of Zombies and author of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual), Wayne Simmons (Flu and Doll Parts)

Zombie Shop will be trading at the show, so get your zombie fix of zombie goodness. - Get Yer Zomb on!

There will once again be a Best Dressed Zombie Competition with a spectacular prize for the best zombie to attend, PLUS if you dress as a zombie you will be also get photographed with the guest stars who have both stated a desire to be devoured…

Come dressed as a zombie and get photographed with the guest of honour.
Gav'n Gore will be leading the official Team of Make Up Artists, who can turn you into a flesh devouring zombie, so if you lack the make up skills and really want to get your Zomb on, dress as a zommer and get your make up done when you arrive at the event…

They're coming to get you!

About Terror4fun:

Terror4fun are the UKs leading zombie organisation and have been organising zombie events for over 6 years, from the Day of the Undead, Festival of Zombie Culture to Zombie Fest, where the Zombie Apocalypse is played out for guests by actors and make up artists. Terror4fun have also appeared in numerous magazines, such as SFX and Bizarre, in documentaries about Zombie Culture on BBC and Channel 4 and publish the Zombie Times E-Zine, which is the worlds only regular Zombie Newsletter and this goes out to more than 13,000 Zombie fans every issue.

Terror4Fun's Zombie Ed. He's a very pretty man.
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  1. Yet another event I wish I could attend, but can't; hope all goes well.

    1. Thank you sir, we're looking forward to it.