Monday, 30 September 2013

Zombie Survival Weekender VIII - Halloween Special

Zombie Survival Weekender VIII is the final Zombie Survival Weekender event of 2013 and the last event at the introductory price of £20!

This October Zombie Survival Weekender finishes its third year with our biggest and scariest event ever, and... they are raising the maximum number participants from 50-100! It's already looking like it will be a full event!

Zombie Survival Weekender's Halloween Special, is taking place on 26-27th October and is being held at what looks set to be The ZSW official Head Quarters for next years 26 week campaign!

The Halloween Event is the usual mix of Survival training, Horror Live action Roleplay and a party in a variety of exciting and beautiful places in South Wales. isolated islands, creepy woodland, sand dunes, castles, mountains.

ZSW VIII will follow the typical format which includes:

1 - Costume - It's Halloween! Go wild! (Although nobody is allowed to dress as a Zombie)
2 – Survival Skills Share
3 - Live Action Zombie Survival Horror Game.

She may have dated the captain of the football team, but now she's one of them!

Hot food, drinks and snacks will be served. There is ample free parking and camping space included and the events take place across 40 acres of scary woodland, overgrown fields, farm buildings, mini-palisades and sandbag bunkers.

The ZSW team will be serving hot food for just £2.50 per person, offering a Chili-con-Carne and a Vegan alternative option.

With a 26 week campaign lined up for 2014 now is the time to get started and be prepared for next year.

Find out more at Zombie Survival Weekender and book now at Zombie Shop.

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