Sunday, 22 July 2012

Zombie Survival Weekender III

We've all wondered how we might survive a zombie apocalypse: gather weapons and supplies, batten down the hatches for a while and then head out to the country, away from the meta-hordes.

You might know how to face off against the undead, but it you've ever been out in a spot of unseasonable weather it might have dawned on you that, chances are, you're more likely to die of hunger, dehydration or hypothermia than a zombie bite - It's a thought that 'Major' Dom Spens, head of contingency planning and organiser of the Zombie Survival Weekender, has often pondered.

Ground control to Major Dom
“ZSW III is going to be a little different from past events. We will still have the aspects people have come to know and love, the beautiful location, the survival skills share, the zombie game… but there will be some differences…

We’re not on the island this time, the new location is just as good. in some ways its better! The event is set in 2016 and there will be a stronger roleplaying element, so you’ll want to read the back-story and prepare your own character background.” - Major Dom Spens.

What is the Zombie Survival Weekender?
The Zombie Survival Weekender is a mix of survival training, horror live action Roleplay (LARP) and a party in a variety of exciting and beautiful places in South Wales.

Zombie Survival Weekender is held in a variety if beautiful and inspiring locations including: isolated islands, creepy woodland, sand dunes, castles and mountains.

Stage 1 – Getting to Know You
The first section is the boring administrative bit, which covers important safety aspects of the weekend, and making sure everyone has settled, gets to know everyone else and has all the equipment they need for the weekend – Yes, there’s a minimum equipment list to get you through and it is probably a good idea to prepare a more comprehensive survival kit. 

Stage 2 - Share the Zombie Love
Like everything else in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. The second stage of the weekend is a training exercise, a useful skill share session where you can learn and teach your personal experience in useful survival subjects such as: Fire craft, First aid, Distilling water, Knives, Map Reading, Camp-craft, Foraging, Shelter, Knots and much more.

Stage 3 – Brains!!!
And most people's favourite part of the weekend is the zombie-themed-live-action-non-combat-horror-roleplaying game. After the skills share and everyone’s settled, the party begins and everyone enjoys a BBQ and a drink, or four.

Achievement Unlocked - Hall of Brains
At every Zombie Survival Weekender there are of course prizes.
The standard prize is free entry to the next event they attend, and a certificate. There may also be prizes for: Sole Survivor, Best Survival Kit, Skills Expert, Chief Infector, Zombie Commander and Riddle Master.

The most valuable thing you can take away from Zombie Survival Weekender is knowledge, and new-found friends.

“Epic weekend and utterly genius concept! Can't wait for the next one.”

“I must say it was a pretty awesome night, it's pretty tense getting cornered by slow moving brain hungry zombie dudes in the dark! It was a good laugh and a good night, thanks for setting this up Dom, looking forward to the next one.”

“My 'passing out in the bushes' tactic seemed to work quite well for me.”

“Tell them I died doing something awesome.”

Zombie Survival Weekender III Aftermath: The Beginning of the End takes place in a secret location in South Wales on Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th July 2012.

Secure your spot at Zombie Shop or find out more at Zombie Survival Weekender.

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