Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Zombie LARP: White Noise

"THE END OF THE WORLD – scheduled for this year, right? It’s in the Bioflex company marketing plan – we know ‘cos we heard their omega signals. So what’s Doctor Baxter up to? Strange place for a laboratory, the heart of a Leech zone. Why hollow out a zombie’s ribcage and stuff it with radio transmitters? That’s CRAZY, it's a NIGHTMARE. So, time for a bit of interference. TIME TO MAKE THE NOISES STOP!"

Zombie LARP: White Noise - March 24th 2012


MARCH 24th 2012 - 10.30am - 9.00pm - Friar's Walk Mall, Reading

At Zombie LARP: White Noise, take part in four massive, strange and scary games of Zombie LARP. It’s an all-action game of survival in a shopping mall filled with zombies. You'll be armed with the very best in NERF firepower and foam-rubber bashing-weapons to smite the undead. You start out as a tasty, tasty human in three of the games, and as a hungry, hungry zombie in the other. Think fast and shoot straight and you might turn out to be the hero. Slow down or slip up and you’ll join the shambling wall of corpses.

The venue – Friar’s Walk Mall – is a four-storey labyrinth of twisting corridors, pitch-black tunnels, vast storerooms, derelict shops and eerie arcades echoing with the moans of the damned! And it’s right next to Reading train station and has a big carpark. So it's ideal for a zombie outbreak.

"Bioflex betrays!" PAWN Propaganda

If you can think of a better way to spend your Saturday - well - you can't! It's impossible! We don't believe you! Of all possible things, ZombieLARP is best! Fighting running screaming horror action!

White Knight: relentless psychopathic grave horrors!
Secure your place at Zombie LARP: White Noise
Early Bird - Secure your place now with an early bird. A regular Player ticket, only cheaper! Strictly limited so GET IN FAST!

Player - Play three games as a survivor, and one as a devious NPC or part of the slavering zombie horde.

Spec Ops (Crew) - Be part of the team of Ultimate Badasses that makes Zombie LARP happen.

For more information, go to Or get in touch with the team on Twitter or Facebook!

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