Wednesday, 7 December 2011

War Against the Walking Dead

We’re read our survival guides, played our zombie killing first person shooters and we think we have an idea of what to do. In fact, those who are clued-up and have followed Sean’s advice in The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) have their 90 day survival plan well and truly sorted. But what happens once we stumble out of our fortresses after the initial 90 days?

Somehow we’ve got to take this country back from the flesh-eaters and in the chaotic collapse of the world as we know it we need an orderly roadmap to get us back in control. Zombie survival expert Sean T. Page's War Against the Walking Dead is just that roadmap.
More than just a survival guide it explores the research of many esteemed scientists, supported by historical examples, to provide infallible advice on the practical application of military doctrine against an enemy without fear, remorse or a heartbeat. It teaches us how to take back our world, house by house, street by street and shire by shire - to free ourselves from an occupation of the undead.
From communing with the spirits of the recently deceased to understand what makes them tick, small and large-scale combat maneuvers and the terrifying discovery of the devastating phenomenon of the ghoul meta-horde, to the practical application of the microlight. This book is encyclopedic.
War Against the WalkingDead yields a very British brand of dark comedy, laughing in the very face of fear, to lift a text with otherwise deadly serious undertones. It is an essay in the exploration of traditional methods of warfare, coup and insurrection in the context of a world overrun by the undead. It is a crowning achievement that should be in every zombie survivalist’s library and its text might mark what could just possibly be our finest, or last, hour.


  1. Hey Zombie Ad, I was buying paints and brushes in the local hobby store and saw that they had 2 versions of a Walking Dead Boardgame. One based on the comics (which looked awesome) and one based on the tv-show.

    You should check them out. They were both priced the same at just over 300SEK/roughly £30.

    According to the owner of the store whom I chatted with about the games, the TV show game was rated higher on boardgamegeek. I attributed that to the TV show fans. Judging by the look and contents on the back of each box the comic version looked a tad more interesting.

    It would be cool if you could check these games out some day as they are zombie related :-)

  2. Cheers Anatoli. We stock the game based on the comic and the feedback has been pretty good so far on that one. We should have the other one in stock next year.