Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Walking Dead Board Game - September 2011

Whilst fans eagerly await the return of a second season Cryptozoic Entertainment, the name behind the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, have scheduled the release of The Walking Dead Board Game for this September.

Artwork and production as you'd expect from Cryptozoic

Cryptozoic puts you right in the middle of the action!

Players will play as major characters from the show and other supporting characters will pop up from time to time to help you.

Visit familiar locations such as the hospital, Rick’s Police Station, the old folks home, and Center for Disease Control.

To win the game very player needs to navigate the board and collect resources to make you better at killing zombies and eventually get you to safety. (For now!)

Along the way you have to defend yourself, manage a dwindling supply of resources, and choose whether or not to help your fellow players too.

You may be asking, why help my fellow players – I want to win!

There’s a catch – when players die they come back as zombies!

"Hey Bob. It's Tom"

So more than likely, those particular zombies may be a little irritated that their former human friends didn’t help them out! Not only are they mad but they are hungry!

The fight for your life begins this September when Cryptozoic release the board game worldwide. They will also be previewing it with demos at Gen Con this August.

Whether it's a game for gamers or turns out to be the Monopoly of zombie games remains to be seen. Either way we'll be sure to let you know once the Gen Con feedback comes in.

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