Monday, 30 May 2011

Memorial Day Zombie Attack!!!!

Zombies Attacked Williamsburg Yesterday!!!!

Focus on the brains...the brains I tell you!!!
Williamsburg's weather was yesterday perfect... for eating brains!!! At the 4th Annual NYC Zombie Crawl.
Blood drenched-goodness. Photo by tud5000
As the Memorial Day Eve sun drifted down over Williamsburg the undead took to the streets to groan unintelligibly, laugh maniacally, enjoy zombie-themed drink specials, play reindeer zombie games in McCarren Park, shoot a scene for Punk Rock Holocaust 3 and scare the bejesus out of passersby. All-in-all a nice way to spend a Sunday evening!
Has anyone seen my pen?
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  1. Looking nice and gory!!! Like the bloodprint of fingers/hand on the last ones neck!