Thursday, 10 September 2015

Zombie-Opoly - The Game that Ruined Fun, with Zombies!?

Everything is better with Zombies! Isn't It? Or is it?

When we first saw Star Wars Monopoly back in the day we were very excited. At last, the opportunity to play a simple game with the family with a nerdy theme that we could actually relate to.

Late For The Sky have taken your standard Monopoly concept, injected the T-Virus, bitten it on the arm and kept it in a cage. Zombie-Opoly is Monopoly, just Zombiefied!

The theme and artwork is great, instead of buying property, you buy zombies, the playing pieces are a a nice touch and include: a shovel, a severed ear, a femur, a lethal weapon a zombie boy and a human remnant! Zombie-Opoly is the same classic game, with a zombie twist.
Zombie-Opoly - The game that ruined fun, with Zombies?
If you're a fan of zombies but don't really classify yourself as a gamer and don't have gamer friends or if you are buying for somone who loves zombies and isn't a gamer Zombie-Opoly is a fantastic gift. It's simple, you probably already know the rules, it's not too serious and you'll probably have plenty of fun.

If you're actually a gamer you'll probably believe that Monopoly is the game that sucked fun out of gaming and is best avoided, unless there really is nothing else to do... at all. In which case, you should be checking out Last Night on Earth, or Zombicide!

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