Thursday, 20 October 2011

Zombie Boot Camp

The world as we know it has changed. Ever since the rise of the undead the ever-present menace of a single mistake, a needless error or a moment of carelessness hangs over us like Damocles' blade.

Governments have fallen, military order has been wiped from the face of the globe. Now we, the people, must take up arms and join the fight against the shambling horde.

Destroy the shambling horde.

Zombie Boot Camp
Based on the success of their legendary SWAT Team Package and their wickedly over-active imaginations Ram Training are now offering a truly unique Zombie themed experience.

Ram Training's Facility - Apocalypse... Now.

At their 'secret' training facility in Worcestershire you are issued with genuine Kevlar Body Armour and a Kevlar Ballistic Helmet. You get to handle an unbelievably realistic feeling M4 Carbine Paint Marker and semi-automatic airsoft pistols. To supplement your unlimited ammo you are also be issued and instructed in the use of pyrotechnic anti-personnel hand grenades.

"Lock and Load people!"

Zombie Response Training
Room clearance, patrolling and vehicle entry and exit drills are all part of the Zombie Boot Camp experience.

Do as he says. You're in safe hands.

Can 3 hours of basic training prepare you to take the fight to the undead?

Will you laugh in the face of danger, throw your pyrotechnic grenade into the midst of the zombie horde then follow up with a rapid burst of rifle fire?

Zulu down!

With Zombie Boot Camp's training you too can stride effortlessly over the bodies of the fallen, through the smoke and carnage, confident that one less zombie roams this planet.

Want to hear more about Zombie Shop's experience at Zombie Boot Camp, our fight alongside the legendary Sean T. Page?

Watch this space for Zombie Ad's full after action report.

Stay frosty, watch your six and get ready to go loud.