Friday, 18 November 2011

Zombie Science 1Z - Live Lecture

"Zombies" they say, "...why that's just not possible."

If I had a pound for every time someone had said that, I'd have... well, a field trip to Poundland that's for sure.

For many who take an interest in the undead rising from the grave to feast upon us, topics such as:

What causes zombieism?
Should zombies walk, or run?
Wouldn't zombies simply rot away? or
What is the best way to kill a zombie?

...have been the fuel of many an armchair debating society's discourse.

If only we had science to back up what we know, from instinct, to be true. If only.

Zombie Science 1Z is the answer to our prayers. At last, an established scientist, with a white lab-coat and pens in his pocket no less, is willing to put his head above the scientific community's parapet and stand firm in the face of the inevitable horde.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Zombie Science 1Z.

Zombie Science 1Z is a lecture format show, complete with course notes, that educates and entertains. Split into three modules: The Zombiesm Condition, The Cause of Zombieism and Preventing and Curing Zombiesm. Doctor Austin, Theoretical Zombiologist of the Zombie Institute of Theoretical Studies (ZITS) uses real-world examples to explore the science and the fiction of the shambling abomination we (think we) know and love. There are even online exams you can take.

The course is intense, but I hope to graduate soon.
In his mission to educate the masses, Doctor Austin takes us into the once-forbidden secret world of clipboards and bunsen burners. We caught the last night of Doctor Austin's current run of live shows at The Courtyard Theatre as part of the London Horror Festival.

Zombie Science 1Z was the perfect evening's entertainment and our journey home was sustained by a wonderfully tasty Swiss roll, although we narrowly missed out on the cauliflower (you probably had to be there!). It was a pleasure to meet Doctor Austin. A convergence of great minds... well, more like he blinded me with science whilst I grinned and then said. "Your Zombie show is EPIC!"

Doctor Austin and Zombie Ad. "and crossbows." he said.

If you missed Doctor's Austin's spectacular lectures this year do not despair, much of his life's work is contained within his book Zombie Science 1Z from Severed Press available now at Zombie Shop.

Zombie Science 1Z by Doctor Austin, available at

We're pretty sure he'll have something special planned for 2012. Zombie Science 1Z was a superb night out and highly recommended for all zombie enthusiasts. Visit the ZITS website and be sure to follow Doctor Austin's Zomblog for up-to-the-minute articles and information on future shows.

Please be careful out there and remember, in the words of Doctor Austin.

"You can always make new friends, but there's no cure for Zombieism."

"Knowledge... and crossbows." he said.

Now, please wash your hands.

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  1. Sounds cool

    Ad is that Johnny from the X factor in the photo with you?

  2. Brummie, as far as I know, it isn't. But he was on a stage... :)

  3. Looks very similar only his hair is a little longer. :0D